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Webdesign company able to represent you on the internet, able to bring your business forward and to create your own visual identity.

Web design company Brasov

We are Freeline Design, a web design company based in Brasov, specialized in webdesign, graphics, image, not the least specialized in computer science, servers, computer networks.

We have all the tools you need to grow your business through correct, optimized, and targeted internet deployment.

A good website is worth more than dozens of advertising campaigns, especially as most consumers who hear about a company are looking for it right away on Google, waiting to find a quality website

Why are we doing this?

First of all as web designers, because we like it, then because somebody has to do that too, not least because we can work without stress and with good results. We invite you to work together for an excellent result and for a better promotion of your business and an excellent image on the internet. First of all through quality design.

What do we do more often?
– Websites (site creation, optimization, site promotion)
– Various optimizations
– Website promotion

What are we doing in addition?
Outsourcing for your business:

– Administration of servers
– Manage workstations
– Application administration
– Computer network monitoring and development
– Any computer support

What can we do together?

As a webdesign company, we see the creation and development of websites in which we show our vision of design in web design.

For those who want to know what we are doing, well, all of them: html, java, flash, php and obviously when we do the databases behind the architecture.

As an outsourcing company, we can discuss the development and maintenance of your entire IT system.

Thus, you will not have any problems with the IT staff who “comes to learn” then go to another company, plus we also have the human and technological resources to be more present and more efficient than an employee.

The main changes will be seen in cost and efficiency

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