strategie si consultantaWhy strategy and consultancy?

Firstly Strategy and Consultancy. Until recently, with any kind of activity you would have begun, you would have been successful, but in the short term.
Anyone with a minimum of knowledge could have a prosperous business. But in the meantime, firms that wanted to resist had to develop strategy-based and consulting-based development plans
The IT department is a support department for all the activities of an organization. Today, no business can run without IT.

As the company grows the need for IT grows. In terms of growth, we generally do not pay attention to the IT department or other departments. Whenever as managers I was not in the position to approve the purchase of computers, switches, other equipment .. but always when equipment was needed, it did not exist.

This is due to the lack of an IT strategy and objectives (short and medium term) correlated with the firm’s development strategy.
In conclusion, there is a question: How many companies providing IT services offer development plans with concrete objectives correlated with the companies’ development strategies?

Points of interest

Technical and commercial analysis

If the business analysis is focused on the company’s business objectives and how they are supported by the IT infrastructure, the technical analysis is a verification of the IT system and its security.

We see and identify the influence of systems and equipment on general activity and IT system deficiencies, and we evaluate IT risk at company level for its safety.

Computer security

In the face of multiple threats to today’s information, data security must be constantly preoccupied by IT managers. Our specialists ensure the audit of the company from the point of view of IT security and the necessary measures


Starting from the IT infrastructure and the work processes, we point out the goals we want to achieve and the time allocated to each goal. Reporting on the field of business, we transform the client’s objectives into a practical and accessible process.


Sustainability of the solutions offered is always one of the important aspects that we are considering when we are drawing these goals. We always optimize the cost of implementing the solutions offered, especially through improvements such as employee productivity and energy efficiency, which can increase the profits of any company.

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