Dezvoltare website

Website development “Corporate”

Corporate Website Development – Provides an efficient conversion architecture and functionalities that will help you automate some of your business processes and allow you to capture leads.

Security features are also extremely important: how to write the programming code to maintain site security, spamming techniques, security of information management, and so on.

The site is the first and most important element of your brand communication. We understand your target audience and site goals, as well as the main values ‚Äč‚Äčthat differentiate you from your competition.

The corporate website should be able to tell your customers why they should work with you.

The difference between an amateur site and a Corporate site is the technical elements, added value and consistency of the information presented, based on branding elements and the intelligent content distribution

Website development of “products”

If you have a product or service in your portfolio that you want to promote, you need a dedicated site.

We analyze the target audience and the way your product / service can add value to your customers.

The next step is to identify the information architecture of the site and to set the general communication objectives together with the elements of action and interactivity with the potential client.

When designing a dedicated product site, we consider the following elements for boosting sales: emotional involvement, trustworthiness, interactivity, and action elements.

Development “online store”

An online store has two purposes. Present and sell. If it shows and does not sell it means it does not do the right or does not show it correctly. That’s why the branding strategy is very important

We build online stores or “shop” online, relying on the fact that we know how to grow and know how to sell

Creating websites for “LEAD generation”

After the presentation we start building a site that will bring you a high conversion rate.

We identify the best architecture for presenting information (grouped by categories or simple presentation pages).

When we work on a lead generation site design, we consider all the elements for boosting sales: navigation flow, trusted elements, interactivity elements, action elements, and ergonomics of the entire site.

We are focused on using each web resource for one purpose: a great conversion rate!